PMC Silver Clay isn’t really a fragile sounding shiny ceramic lump, even though it sounds like it should be! It is in fact tiny silver particles mixed up with water, amongst other things, and when fired it transforms into solid 99.9% fine silver. Just like that pendant you are wearing, except it has more silver content than .925 types.

What makes this so special and exciting? Well, it can be used just like real clay, mould it with your fingers, press gorgeous textures into it, cut it and bend it and shape it until you reach your design. It then gets fired with a hand held gas torch until it turns solid…. something truly amazing happens and it never ceases to amaze me….

So, don’t stuff it back into the draw and cower behind the sofa at the very thought of ripping open the packet, I’ll show you what to do with it and you’ll never look back.

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